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The Best Rainwater Collection Systems for Home Gardens

A Green Barrel For A Rainwater Collection System.

Are you ready to start harvesting rainwater for your home garden? Listed below are some of the best residential rainwater collection systems. We concentrated on rainwater collection kits that have simple designs and are easy to set up.

Please check the following articles for more information about harvesting rainwater:

Some Important Tips About Rain Barrels and Tanks

  • Rain barrels shouldn’t allow sunlight to reach the stored water.  If there’s sunlight, you’ll get algae.  Fires can’t burn without oxygen, and algae can’t grow without sunlight.
  • Algae prevention is another reason to have good covers when storing rainwater in barrels.
  • If your barrels don’t block sunlight, treat them monthly with chlorine bleach.  Mix one ounce of bleach into every 500 gallons of water.  For 55-gallon drums, use 0.1 ounces (0.6 teaspoons) of bleach.
  • Chlorine doesn’t last long in water.  For more information about chlorine in water, see our article about tap water.
  • Plastic barrels should be UV-resistant and BPA-free.
  • BPA can leach from the barrels into the rainwater, and plants can absorb it.  The next stop for the BPA is when you eat the plants.
  • UV resistance protects the barrels from sun damage.  This is a real thing, and I’ve seen many examples of it during my career as an electrical engineer.
  • If you plan to make potable water, get barrels rated for drinking water.

Video: Rain Barrel How-To

Rhino Clearmate 100 gallon ran barrel

Rhino Clearmate 100-Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel, Heavy-Duty

The fabric is 500D with a 0.55 mm PVC coating. Compare this to other tanks that have 300D fabric and a 0.35 mm coating that isn’t UV-inhibited.

Fittings include a faucet, hose connector, and overflow/additional barrel connector. The cover has a heavy-duty mesh screen. You can expect years of use from this tank.

FCMP 45-gallon decorative rain barrel.

You don’t need a dull-looking old rain barrel when you get this stylish light-granite rain catcher. It includes a mesh screen and a short hose with a thumb valve. That’s good enough for filling watering cans, but you can also attach a longer hose to reach the garden.

Since this barrel has a decorative appearance, this barrel doesn’t connect to other barrels.

Accessories For Rainwater Collection Systems

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