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Shopping for the things you need can be frustrating sometimes. Remember how bad it was before the internet? You could be on the phone all day trying to find a backflow valve for your reflux capacitor. But now we have the internet to make things easy(?).

To make your decisions even easier, we’ve condensed our selections of recommended gardening products into the best ones we could find on the market today. That way, you can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying the outdoors. And that’s a good thing.

We have a lot of information on our website about growing your own food. This can also help you save time. If you need information about companion planting, be sure to download our free detailed “Companion Planting Chart“.

Also, if you’re composting, download our free document “How to Calculate C:N Ratios.” This will give you the information you need on how to properly mix the ingredients for a compost pile.

If you have any questions or comments send us an email using the form on our “Contact Us” page.

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