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The Best Soil Testing Meters and Kits for Home Gardeners

Testing Soil PH In A Lab.

Periodically testing garden soil quality is always good practice. It lets us know if the soil conditions are right for our plants, and warns us if the soil is having problems. We’ve curated a list of the best soil testing meters and kits for home gardeners. They include soil pH testers, nutrient testers, thermometers, and water sensors.

Hopefully, your soil testing will always give you pleasing results. If you ever need help, check out our articles on all aspects of testing garden soil quality:

Video: Rapitest Soil Test Kits

Video: Bluelab Calibrating the pH Pen and Soil pH Pen

Bob Styer

As a child, I hated gardening. That was mainly because Dad expected us to work in the garden every so often even though we thought play was more important. Over the years, though, I've developed a real appreciation for growing things. Whether you're growing plants for food or to enjoy their beauty, gardening can make your life better. Seize the moment!

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