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Why I Won’t Waste Time Writing With AI

The Robot That Does The Writing For AI.

I’ve been running tests with AI for a few months now.  I’ll admit it’s enjoyable making images with it, but I’m seeing problems when I test writing with AI.

Writing with AI is the subject of many online videos and newsletters.  Several creators claim they have published massive numbers of articles using it.

They also claim anyone can do it in two or three days, and they have real-world examples.  All they’re doing is filling the internet with more piles of steaming garbage.

Based on my experience, you can’t publish that much AI content without editing it first.  And editing AI output takes as long or longer than writing the content from scratch.

I’ve tried many AI writing tools and suggestions for writing AI prompts.  After many attempts, I can say that I’ve never gotten an article from AI that was even 25% ready for publishing.

I had to delete every one of those articles and start over by using a quill pen and parchment.  OK, I exaggerated – I used a laptop.  It wasn’t possible to improve the AI content without taking a ridiculous amount of time.

Writing With AI: An Analogy From Real Life

I wasn’t always a website owner.  Before I retired, I was an electrical engineer specializing in industrial control systems.  Over the years, I met with several companies that had machines that weren’t working the way they should.  They were all unsafe to operate.

All these machines had the plague of poor programming.  The original programmers lacked the basic skills of sound and safe control programming.

Once I determined the program was the problem, the next step was always the same.  A supervisor would say, “Oh, we have a copy of the program, that’ll save you some time!”

I had to explain to them that the old program wouldn’t do me any good.  Rewriting the program ensured all the bugs disappeared. Like trying to edit AI writing, it isn’t practical to edit flawed programming.

Every time I finished rewriting the program, the machine worked flawlessly.  Any future breakdowns came from typical mechanical failures.

This is the same thing I’m seeing with AI-generated content.  I could give a whole list of examples, but I’ll show a typical one.  Here’s a recent example of an introductory paragraph AI gave me:

Welcome, fellow earth enthusiasts! Are you looking to give your garden the love it deserves while staying true to nature’s course? You’re in the perfect spot! At the heart of every flourishing garden lies the secret superhero – healthy soil. It’s the bustling hub of nutrients essential for your plants to thrive. But not all dirt is created equal, so testing your soil is a game-changer. It’s like giving your garden a health check-up to customize its care.

~~Klaatu, via Open AI

Now, who talks like that?  And how would you “edit” it without creating a whole new paragraph?  The writing style has an unnatural feel to it. The whole article that AI wrote was like that paragraph.  If it’s high-quality anything, it’s high-quality garbage.

How to Improve AI Writing

The only way to improve it is to send it to the black hole and start typing.  The web already had a bunch a bunch of bad content creators.  But the good news is those bad creators could become exceptional if they’re willing to learn.

Instead of one article written with AI, here are the articles I actually wrote on that subject:

Content creators that use AI to make a content tsunami aren’t doing anyone any favors.  They’re in mass production, seeking quantity.

Anyone trying to find answers on the web doesn’t need a bunch of results giving them crap.  They need quality answers to their questions.

Real writing and story-telling come from the human mind and heart.  A machine will never do that, no matter what the billionaire nerd-of-the-month promises.

Using AI to write blog posts or anything else will have some place in the future.  But there will be a renewed push for high-quality content, not high-quantity content.

Even now, AI text generators serve better as writing assistants, not authors.  Free AI tools are helpful for generating text, correcting grammar, and simplifying paragraphs.

Cutting them loose to write an entire article can be a mistake.

Bob Styer

As a child, I hated gardening. That was mainly because Dad expected us to work in the garden every so often even though we thought play was more important. Over the years, though, I've developed a real appreciation for growing things. Whether you're growing plants for food or to enjoy their beauty, gardening can make your life better. Seize the moment!

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